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About the Company

“Unity Para Todos” (UPT) is a virtual religious ministry that was born in 2010 under the name of ‘Misión Unity’ as part of the Unity movement, a spiritual organization within the New Thought movement. In 2016, the congregation decided to become a virtual ministry under the name of Unity Para Todos. It is a religious non-profit organization.

The Matter in Question

The main issue of the previous website was its scalability. Because the congregation is a very dynamic company, the main concern was how static the virtual ministry actually was, therefore, simple daily tasks such as accessing to specific sections of the website was a very complicated procedure for users.

Our Solution

After analyzing the mentioned website, specific objectives were determined aimed at carrying out a complete restructuring of the virtual ministry. Some of the objectives set were the following:

  1. Providing administrators with the possibility to create customizable entries according to the novelty of the moment.
  2. Integrating a stream live platform to give classes and seminars.
  3. Offering users to be able to change the website languages between English and Spanish.
  4. Managing a user level of visualization in order to provide different content depending on the type of user.

We are glad to say that currently the UPT website is dynamic, scalable, responsive and it also has different levels of content display depending on the type of users that access to it.

Services Provided

Results Obtained

+ 1000

Attended Users

+ 140

New users in the email marketing list


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Avg. Google position

+1 Year

Web Management

*All results showed above depend directly on the digital marketing strategy plated by the organization (UPT), for this project Aeros.io did not carry out digital marketing management.