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About the Company

“Circuito X” is a radio satellite transmission circuit born in 1994, which is characterized by its innovative and avant-garde content. The radio covers the main cities of the Venezuelan territory with the largest amount of active and productive population in the country.

The Matter in Question

The implementation of the previous website of the company, which presented serious failures in its design and development, generated considerable failures such as security leaks and lack of responsiveness among other outdated online affairs, which inevitably caused an unsuccessful outcome for the online users due to the inconveniences they faced with the website functionality.

Our Solution

Taking into consideration the mentioned failures that the website presented, our approach was based on achieving the following objectives for the website:

  1. Improving the management capacity of the website by the working team of “Circuito X”.
  2. Adapting the website to mobile devices.
  3. Providing relevant and timely information to the client regarding performance review in order to ease the decision making processes.
  4. Becoming a launch pad for new marketing strategies.
  5. Promoting thematic blocks (content blocks, radio schedule, corporate information, radio stations, corporate contact, and ads) and creating links between the website and social media.
  6. The implementation of the previous objectives made the website of “Circuito X” capable of supporting all the growth strategies mentioned, making it a scalable, durable and robust web page.

Services Provided

Results Obtained


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*All results showed above depend directly on the digital marketing strategy plated by the company (Circuito X), for this project did not carry out digital marketing management.