About the Corporation

“Andrés Bello Catholic University Foundation Incorporated” (ABCU Foundation Inc.) is a non-profit organization, based in Miami, Florida, created by some Alumni and friends of Universidad Católica Andrés Bello -UCAB- on December 16th 2016 as a place to gather the UCAB alumni and friends around the world, let them know on the work and achievements of the institution, offer them training and consulting solutions, and request their contribution to maintain institutional, academic and social development programs.

The Matter in Question

ABCU Foundation Inc. did not count with a website of its own, therefore, it was in need of such an important digital asset to channel donations to the foundation in order to aid student programs.

Our Solution

Our approach with ABCU Foundation Inc. was to provide them with management and optimization tools through the creation and developing process of the website by establishing the following objectives:

  1. Improving the presence of the website with SEO optimization tools.
  2. Providing technical and operational documentation of the website and the donation system.
  3. Installing and configuring the SSL certificate on the site and on the donation system.
  4. Granting technical support and maintenance of the site and its donation system during the service.
  5. Installing various services and plugins in order to enhance the performance and management capabilities by the editors of the blog.
  6. Creating corporate emails on demand.

Services Provided

Results Obtained


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*The marketing results marked were achieved in a period of 3 months without Ads budget.